Who we are and our background

QualityDesk Oy is founded by four experienced professionals and our mission is to give keys to increased productivity through excellent customer experiences! We are on our path to create the easiest software for quality assurance, better customer experiences, higher employer satisfaction and increased productivity. QualityDesk was founded in the year 2016 when Ville and Iiro met in Tampere during Blockfest festival. They are both originally from Joensuu where they served in army together in the turn of the millennium. As they exchanged the stories of what has happened over the past years it turned out that Iiro had already over ten years of experience about running his own company and even more as software developer. Ville had worked in call-center business for the last 14 years while dreaming about running his own company. During those years in call-centers Ville had noticed that call-center world is missing a working solution for quality assurance and coaching as all-in-one software. And very often Excel spreadsheets or software's that are not suited for hectic and challenging call-center world are being used. This is how we formed our vision for QualityDesk. To create a company to help every organization that works with customers to take control of their quality development and to improve productivity and employer satisfaction through continuous coaching. That is how it all started. By recruiting two more call-center veterans, Sakari and Henri, our combined experience in call-center business grew to over 40 years and software development experience to over 20 years. We are now ready to help you in all your quality assurance and coaching needs!



We create a comprehensive range of products, together with a broad collaboration network. We are launching international activities, bringing Finnish expertise to other countries.


We will create a fully automated quality assurance software for our customers, which, by evaluating hundreds of customer interactions daily, can save several thousand workhours.Kno


Customer centricity, trust, agility, effectiveness, effortlessness, cooperation


We build digital customer interactions with a hands-on approach and a decade of experience. From us, you will get the best cloud technology and expert service on the market.


AIS Call-Rec call recording system is a high-end voice recording platform that is compatible, in both technology and cost-effectiveness, compaired to all other recoding systems. AIS Call-Rec can be integrated with all communication systems on the market.